CLRPN Schools

Bale Elementary School

Bale Elementary School is located at 6501 West 32nd Avenue.  In 2009, Bale served 339 students in pre-K to 5th grade.  Of Bale’s students, 89% were eligible for free/reduced meals.   Alandra talks about her future goals.


Franklin Elementary School

Franklin Elementary is located at 1701 South Harrison Street.  In 2009, Franklin served 300 students in pre-K to 5th grade.  Of Franklin’s students, 91% were eligible for free/reduced meals.  Skyshune is a future president.


Stephens Elementary School

Stephens Elementary School is located at 3700 West 18th Street.  In 2009, Stephens served 377 students in pre-K to 5th grade.  Of Stephens students, 93% were eligible for free/reduced meals. William talks about his favorite subject and becoming a senator.


Forest Heights Middle School

Forest Heights Middle School is located at 5901 Evergreen Street.  In 2009, Forest Heights served 631 students in 6th-8th grades.  Of Forest Heights students, 74% were eligible for free/ reduced meals.

 Rayven talks about her dreams and heroes.

Hall High School

Hall High is located at 6700 H Street.  In 2009, Hall served 1,447 students in 9th-12th grades.  Of Hall’s students, 70% were eligible for free/reduced meals.  Daryl plans to be a criminal defense attorney because of his stepdad.


Little Rock Preparatory AcademyLittle Rock Preparatory Academy

Little Rock Preparatory Academy is located at 1205 South Schiller Street. In 2011, Little Rock Prep is serving 270 students in kindergarten to 7th grade. Of Little Rock Prep’s students, about 80% are eligible for free/reduced meals.


Statistics are from the 2009 Arkansas School Performance Report.  To view a school’s complete 2009 School Report Car, visit NORMES School Performance.