Mar 5, 2012

Reality Fair at Hall High

Reality Fair at Hall High

Hall High School held a Reality Fair to give students a real world experience to motivate them to finish high school. Students visited booths to learn about careers that required only a high school diploma plus little training after high school. Among some of the 34 Colleges & Careers, there were cosmetologists, barbers, nail technicians, sports trainers, fitness trainers, chefs, child day care owners, adult day care owners, barber colleges, and hair schools just to name a few. Students visited the Reality Shop where they were given realistic careers and were required to pay bills. Their last stop was Centennial Bank, where financial counselors advised them of where they went “wrong” or “right” in their budgeting. Students admitted they did not realize how fast money left when there are bills to be paid. This Fair was among the many events that are made possible through the School Improvement Grant (SIG).

“The Reality Fair taught me about life and reality. I enjoyed how everybody explained to me
how life really is and how you can accomplish anything if you try hard and get a high school
diploma. There were a lot of careers that I learned about that I didn’t know you could get
without a college degree. It changed the way I look at life,” says 9th grader Brittany Session.

“The Reality Fair was fun, informational, and interesting. It showed me how you can actually
take what you love to do and turn it into a career. It gave me the opportunity to see how money is
spent. I wish they had this when I was a freshman. Before the Reality Fair, I knew a high school
diploma was good, but didn’t know it was all that. Now, I realize a high school diploma is the 1st
step to achieving your goals,” says 12th grader Montrell Wright.

These blogs were written by students in the CLRPN. We thank them for sharing their view on the Reality Fair!